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Rest-A-Desk’s Uses

With Rest-A-Desk, safely use your computer from the comfort of your recliner or bed—seated, lying down, or anywhere in between. With Rest-A-Desk, you can painlessly:

Work. Because Rest-A-Desk is compatible with your current computer (PC or MAC), all of your files and programs are at your fingertips.

Connect. Rest-A-Desk provides a critical link to the outside world, whether you are catching up on the news, researching a topic of interest, or surfing the Web.

View. Watch movies, TV and streaming video in comfort (e.g., Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Fire).

Communicate. Interact with friends, family, or co-workers via email, Facebook or Skype.

Game. Mount your Xbox or PS4 console in Rest-A-Desk’s desktop computer holder and you have a fully-reclinable gaming station