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Rest-A-Desk might just change your life!
I have tried every imaginable type of ergonomic equipment -- ergo keyboards, ergo mouses/trackpads, sit/stand desks, wrist supports, and even a $1200 chair.

Ultimately, for me, none of that worked very well. What does help is reclining (in my case, onto a backstand with a firm ergonomic foam roller). In the past I enlisted family members with carpentry skills to modify adjustable bedside tables adding a variety of expensive monitor arms to hold monitors at the right angle, but none of that worked very well. The monitors and keyboards were not integrated and I had to re-arrange them every time I stood up or changed position, and the monitor wasn't really at the right height/angle anyway. I tried a couple of integrated systems that I found on the internet recently -- these units had the right idea, but they were not tall enough and the monitor/keyboard arms were not long enough. I tried to make do, but ultimately, the deal-breaker was that the arms were not strong/stable enough (especially the keyboard tray) so the stands constantly wiggled as my hands typed. I gave up and kept looking.

The Rest-A-Desk has solved that problem. This "desk" (monitor and keyboard stand) is ingeniously designed -- the user can set the monitor height/angle and keyboard tray height/angle to meet a nearly infinite set of preferences. I need to recline and look up at the monitor, which is the "classic" arrangement for the Rest-A-Desk. The monitor arm and keyboard tray arm are independent, so they can be arranged to meet individual preferences and accommodate a variety of monitors/keyboards/chairs/individual preferences. The Rest-A-Desk could also be used as a stand-up desk.

The key to this equipment is its sturdy (and infinitely customizable) construction. The monitor arm and keyboard tray arm are "industrial" level design -- not flimsy.

I have been looking for a solution like this for many years and finally found it! The Rest-A-Desk became available only a few months ago (June 2018) and I have the first one because I was literally constantly searching online for a product like this.

My job requires keyboarding about 4-10 hours/day (more during crunch times) depending on needs (research, writing documents and presentations, reading and responding to email, etc.). The price tag for Rest-A-Desk is high but for someone like me the equipment means the difference between being able to work a relatively normal schedule vs. only a couple hours per day or not at all. I use mine in a home office since I operate a small private consulting business. At my previous job, workplace rules required the company to accommodate reasonable ergonomic accommodations. The productivity per dollar invested in the Rest-A-Desk is off the chart -- so it should be easy enough to receive procurement authorization based on my [prior] experience.

Finally, although I have an injury that makes keyboard/monitor use difficult, ergonomics is a concern for everyone -- not just people with injuries. The incidence of carpal tunnel, arm, shoulder, neck and back pain, eye strain, etc. is very high. I know that the days of sitting at a traditional desk and staring into a computer while typing with a keyboard/mouse are destructive for everyone to one degree or another. We will look back on that pre-ergonomic era realizing how problematic traditional desks/computer setups are for everyone's body to one degree or another. Best to get ahead of the curve now as a preventative measure to ensure good health.