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Although using laptop might seem to be a flexible computing solution, users with back (or neck) pain will find that using a laptop forces the head to crane downward because the computer screen is not supported directly in front of the user's natural viewing angle. Propping the laptop on a pillow (or using a laptop stand) brings the laptop screen into ergonomic alignment with head, but then the laptop user must strain their arm, shoulder, and back muscles when lifting their arms in order use the keyboard. The ideal ergonomic solution is having the monitor and keyboard separately adjustable to any height or angle, like with Rest-A-Desk.

Rest-A-Desk will be delivered in a crate to your house threshold or office loading dock. The professional installer will unpack your crate where delivered; move your Rest-A-Desk components to your designated room; and set up your reclinable computer workstation system to work with your existing computer and recliner (or bed). When you receive your order tracking number, remember to call the installation number and schedule setup (we suggest scheduling setup for at least one day after your shipment is scheduled to arrive).

Our professional installation service offers a 90-day workmanship warranty.

Although they are experts in safely setting up all Rest-A-Desk components, the installers are not computer specialists. It is a good idea for you, (prior to your installation appointment), to make sure that your computer is functioning properly. Also check that you either (a) have a functioning monitor and keyboard/mouse; or (b) added the monitor/keyboard/mouse set (KBDLCD) to your order The installer will connect your working computer, monitor, keyboard, and cables to Rest-A-Desk.


For each Rest-A-Desk purchased, you have one free initial setup and one later free breakdown / re-setup at another location at your shipping destination. 

If you have not found the information you seek at our website, please skim the user manual or contact us for a prompt response to your product or technical questions.